Many delightful walks and trails, both along the coast and in the forests, are available in the greater Knysna area. Go stretch your legs and feast your eyes on the wonders of nature.

The Fisherman’s Walk

along the beautiful precipitous coast of Brenton-on-Sea. A very pleasant walk with stunning views. It also runs down to The Block (a small peninsula towards the east) from where you might see dolphins passing close by.

Belvidere charm:

Enjoy the heavenly beauty and old world charm of this historic village nestled on the western shore of the Knysna Lagoon, close to Brenton-on-Sea.

Drupkelders Walk:

Truly one of the hidden gems of the Knysna forest. A somewhat steep walk takes you down into the Homtini River gorge, where large pools wait to be enjoyed or explored. More info...

Terblans Walk:

A pleasant and easy 2 hour walk in the Diepwalle forest to the north of Knysna, offering you a true forest experience. More info...

Beach Walk to Buffels Bay:

A very popular and rewarding walk along the beautiful 5 km stretch of beach between Brenton and Buffels Bay, where you can have a drink or a meal before walking back.

Goukamma Trail:

A variety of trails are available in the beautiful Goukamma Nature Reserve, situated west of Buffels Bay. The trails range from two to six hours and run along the coast as well as inland on the bushy dunes and trough Melkhout forest. More info...

Circle in a Forest Trail:

Experience the true Knysna forest along this 3 hour walk in the Millwood Forest, situated to the north of Knysna. A short option is also available. More info...

Kranshoek Trail:

Surely one of the most spectacular day trails in the whole of South Africa. It takes you through a forest gorge and along the dramatic Harkerville cost between Knysna and Plettenberg Bay. More info...

The Elephant Trails:

These are three different forest trails, ranging from 7 to 9 km, situated in the Diepwalle Forest Reserve near Knysna. You can also see one

of the largest remaining yellowwood trees. More info...